Aerial view of the Runestone Park
In the background you see Birka.

Small and large groups
In the runestone park, there is room for both bus groups and smaller groups and individual visitors. If you book in advance, we can arrange everything from coffee and cake to lunch from local catering.

Runestone from Birka
In the museum at Birka there are fragments of a broken runestone from Birka. In the Runestone park you can see the merged fragments together in natural size, with colors and raised. The sign next to it gives you detailed information.

In the Runestone Park is just over 10 similar runestones and more are underway.

Runestones are works of art
Many runestones have advanced ornamentation and beautiful images while others are less beautiful but with a powerful runic inscription.

The runestone in the picture is from Mariefred and it is simple and carelessly carved but has a poetic runic inscription that tells of one of the largest Viking expeditions to the east around the year 1040s.

"They went manfully far for gold
..and to the east they fed the eagle.
They died south, in Särkland ".


Runestone workshop
In the park there is also my runestone workshop where I carve new runestones by hand with a sledgehammer and chisel. You are welcome to study my work and ask questions if I am on site.

If you have booked a guided tour of the park, a visit to my workshop is also included

There are stones here that weigh several tons and that attract children to forbidden and life-threatening play and climbing!

PARENTS, you are responsible for your children!

Quiz walk 1 X 2
Test your knowledge of the Viking Age in the park's quiz walk. There are no prizes, you compete against yourself or your friends.

Motorhome and caravan.
We have two places in a quiet, peaceful and sunny area in the park where only a few cars pass and a single bus. Electricity and water are lacking.
Price: SEK 200 per day.

Sunset at Birka
As visitors to the Runestone Park you have the opportunity to also visit Birka and enjoy the sunset after a historic journey in among the remains of the Viking town of Birka. I have a boat and make sure you get there and back safely.


A kiosk from the 50's
It has a limited range and flexible opening hours, but coffee and some snacks go well, even ice cream. Here you can also buy guide folders and get tourist information.


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