Sö 141b
Aspa bridge, New find 1937
(Sö Fv1948;289)


Runic inscription

Astrid lät göra minnesmärket detta åt Anund och Ragnvald son sin. De dog i Danmark. De var mäktiga i Rönninge och de raskaste i Svitjod.

Astrid had this memorial made for Anund and Ragnvald's son. They died in Denmark. They were powerful in Rönninge and the fastest in Svitjod.

Ostriþ : lit : -ira : ku(m)… …usi _ at : Anunt _ auk : Raknualt : sun : sin : urþu : ta…R : - (t)an…-…(k)u : ua-u : rikiR : o rauniki : ak : snialastiR : i : suiþiuþu


Gray granite.
Size: 200 x 75 cm



The rune stone was found in 1937 when a new road and bridge were to be built over Aspa å in Ludgo parish, Södermanland.

When the rune stone was found, it was largely under the old road and with the carving facing up (the flat side of the stone). The runestone had probably been used as part of a bridge/ford over the river a long time ago.

During the time that the rune stone was used as a bridge, the flat carving surface that was facing upwards became so worn that in some places no traces of carving could be seen anymore, in others only the lines were discernible as a shadow.

Despite this, it has been possible to retrieve the entire runic inscription. It tells of the sons Anund and Ragnvald who died in Denmark and that they were the most powerful in Rönninge and the fastest in Svitjod.

The most striking part of the runic inscription was the last word: suiþiuþu (Svitjod) which is the oldest and original name for Sweden.


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