U 10
Dalby north of Adelsö
Now in the sacristy of Adelsö church

Runic inscription

aft ybi sonti sta(i)n sa--
ak lki kaRþi f…

The interpretation is highly
uncertain but it seems to mean:

After the son Ybi, the stone was placed
Line 2 ??? (probably a name of the creator)



The rune stone was found in 1917 north of the farm Stora Dalby in northern Adelsö. According to reports, it was found in a small gravel pit on the western edge of the ridge next to the road.

The stone was hidden in the gravel in an inclined position, probably fallen from the slope from above where a Viking Age burial ground is located. Where and how the stone was originally placed is difficult to know.

Already in 1917, the stone was transported to Adelsö church and sacristy, where it was later built into the wall to the left of runestone U1.

Red sandstone: 0.93 x 0.42 cm

The surface is rough with difficult-to-interpret runic inscriptions in two lines.

The runes are finely carved and shallow and the words lack punctuation.

In January 2014 I visited the sacristy for photography.
With the help of side lights, new details could be discovered and even a missing rune, an A.

The runestone may be one of the few carved before the year 1000.

What indicates that the runestone could be older is partly the form of the runes, which has similarities with the fragments at Birka and that it was found on, or in one of the viking graves that can be dated back to the 8th-9th century.

One problem with that dating is the 4th rune which looks like a dotted U (Y). Dotted U only appears at the end of the 11th century. Is it really a dotted U or is the dot in the rune natural? See close-up picture further down the page.





On the depicted runestone in my Runestone park, the runes have been updated after being examined with sidelight. In addition to the A-rune towards the end of the first row, there is more on several of the runes to paint in.

Dotted or a natural pit?


(Do you see the A rune?)


Upplands Runinskrifter > page 10

Runor > - Riksantikvarieämbetet
Map and runic inscription.

Google map > Dalby and the find site.

Google map > Find Adelsö church.

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