U 3
Hovgården, Alsnö house

Runic inscription

 a s l u a - a . .    u l b i +

The few runes that remain are not enough to interpret the inscription, but the shape and appearance of the runes can tell something else...



The shape and appearance of the runes (handwriting) tells us that it is the same runecarver who carved both this U 3 and U 1, which is walled in the church's sacristy.

The runestone fragment, which is made of red sandstone, was found in 1916 when a larger excavation was made of the castle Alsnö hus in Hovgården on Adelsö.

When the runestone was found, there was still mortar left on the stone, which means that it had been used as building material for the castle.

Remaining pieces of the runestone should remain in the area.

The runestone is now stored in a protected warehouse in Tumba, south of Stockholm.


Upplands runinskrifter > page 5
Good information but only in Swedish.

Runor > Riksantikvarieämbetet
Map and runic inscription.

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All runestones in the

Runestone Park

We start from the north and go clockwise

U 11 - Adelsö, Hovgården
The King's Runestone in Hovgården, Adelsö

U 3 - Hovgården, Alsnöhus
Found during an excavation in 1916

U 1 - Adelsö church
Former threshold stone to the sacristy. Now built into the wall in the sacristy.

U 2 - Adelsö church
Destroyed by fire around 1660. Former threshold stone to the church.

U 10 - Dalby Adelsö
Found in 1920 at Stora Dalby, northern Adelsö. Now built into the wall of the sacristy, Adelsö church.

U 6 - Björkö village on Birka
Several fragments as a puzzle. Now in the museum at Birka.

U 5b - Birka 2015 (New find 2015)
2024.03.10 Not yet documented or published.

Sö 141b - Aspa bridge (Sö Fv1948;289)
New find in 1937 with the name Svitjod (Sweden).

Sö 179 - The Gripsholm runestone 
Mariefred, the most famous of the Ingvars runestones.

U 887 - Skillsta runestone
One of the world's most beautiful runestones.

Vs 29 - Sala parish church
The runecarver Livsten's masterpiece.

U 1125 - The old man in Krogsta
1500 year old rune stone carved with the older runes, the Old Norse runes.

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